Christopher Giglio
about me




The Work

I am interested in finding ways of making a mark that are fully contemporary: a process which acknowledges the role of technological mediation in our lives. As I pursued this goal in multiple ways, I turned to photography to give me both the distance from the hand and the connection to technology I had been seeking. One body of work that came out of this investigation is the Cathode Rayograms: a series of enlarged photograms generated by television sets. This mechanical gesture connects our culture’s obsessive involvement with technology to what have been enduring concerns in the history of art: the nature of light as metaphor and abstraction as archetypal form.


Exhibitions and Collections

Since my work was shown at the Museum of Modern Art’s New Photography exhibition, I have shown frequently in group and solo shows through out the United States. My work was exhibited again at MoMA in Object and Abstraction. Other notable exhibitions include solo shows at James Danziger Gallery, NY, and Marion Locks Gallery, Philadelphia, Mediated Site/Mediating Vision at the California Museum of Photography, and inclusion in the traveling exhibition This is Not a Photograph.

My work is in the permanent collections of the Museum of Modern Art, NY, Princeton University Art Museum, Princeton, NJ, AT&T Technology Center, Washington DC, and Centro Cultural/Arte Contemporaneo, Mexico City.